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Canadians are heavily dependent on HVAC to keep cool during the summertime and warm during the cold winter months. In some regions, HVAC can be considered a necessity due to the extreme weather conditions. As a result, there are many companies that dedicate their time and resources to catering to the needs of the public.

Due to heavy use, there are numerous issues that can arise with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning units over time. These problems could stem from outside conditions, poor maintenance or simply a failure within the machinery of these units. Finding affordable replacement parts can be a difficulty seeing that there are many brands that deliver substandard products that require upkeep or replacement parts every few years.

In this piece, we’ll discover some of the main problems associated with HVAC and where to find the best Canadian HVAC distributor near you. After thorough investigation, we have honed in on some of the most common issues faced by individuals as well as professionals who operate within the HVAC industry. Our aim is to facilitate the process of tracking down reputable suppliers and educating people on what can and should be done to properly maintain your Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioning Unit (HVAC).

Common Problems Faced with HVAC

We have taken into account many different frequently asked questions, questionnaire responses and independent research to create a list of the common issues that can arise with HVAC units. In most of these cases, a professional will be required to assist with reparations or maintenance, however, some of the issues mentioned here can be taken care of by home owners themselves. We do not recommend that you attempt to do any reparations if you have no understood of how HVAC systems work as it can be a complicated manner.

Not knowing what you are doing could result in completely destroying a unit meaning that you would have to replace it all together, which wouldn’t be a cost-effective approach to resolving your HVAC issue.

Nonetheless, we have compiled this short list on your behalf to provide guidance in relation to your HVAC problems.

Heat Pump Ice Build Up

It is normal for the coil of your heat pump to ice up slightly during winter months. This could either be a thin layer of frost or even a bit of ice however when your entire unit is covered with ice, it is a clear indication that something is amiss. If you notice this happening to your heat pump, it is an indication that immediate action should be taken. If this problem is left unattended, it will most definitely drive up energy consumption and could ultimately lead to a complete failure within the system.

A heat pump will defrost itself if working properly. The ice build up over the entire unit indicates that something isn’t functioning properly. There could be many reasons why the unit stopped working including;

  • Defrost Timer or Control Malfunction
  • Thermostat malfunction
  • Poor defrost relay
  • A reverse valve that got stuck
  • Malfunctioning outdoor fan motor
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Coil Blockage
  • The Unit sunk into the ground

Heat Pump/Air-conditioner Unit Iced-up during Summer

Your HVAC unit should never ice up during the summer months. At most, the coil could be covered with a bit of frost, however if the unit is icing up, it could be for a variety of reasons. In most cases this is due to the fact that people tend to turn their units very cold. It is general practice to never drop the temperature settings below 70 degrees.

Turning it lower than 70 degrees could ice up the coil or even create frost which could result in the ductwork leaking. Over time, the water will start to mold your walls or ceiling which eventually could lead to severe damage. Whether the unit has issues with a malfunctioning indoor fan motor, a broken or worn out fan belt, poor indoor fan relay, restriction or a blocked capillary tube…these could all be the causes of this event.

In cases that the unit is dirty, a home owner could clean out the filters quite simply without the need of a professional. In all the other scenarios, a technician will be required to assess the situation properly.

Heat Pump doesn’t reach ideal temperature

One of the more typical issues that occur with heat pumps is that it doesn’t reach the ideal temperature settings of the user. In fact, most calls to professionals relate to this specific issue. While this may be an issue to do with the actual HVAC unit, there could be another explanation for the problem.

When the weather reaches extreme lows, the heat pump loses efficiency. In many cases it is simply the way the units are rigged. When the temperature in a room drops 2 degrees below the desired temperature, assisted heating occurs. This is usually supplied by electric resistant heaters. Slowly the temperature rises and when it’s about a half a degree from the desired temperature, auxiliary heat is turned off. This see-saw like dynamics continues however the ideal temperature is never reached. However, this is only common when the temperature outside is extremely low, -30º more or less.

The best fix for this problem is to raise the temperature by 2 degrees during these months in order to obtain ideal settings.

Odd Smells

You’d be surprised to find out that many people complain about odd smells coming from their HVAC units. There could be many explanations for this occurrence including a gas leak or something as simple as a dirty air filter. If the odor is very unusual, you should immediately get in touch with a professional to assist you as it could be a serious problem that requires urgent attention. In order to assess the severity of your issue, you should look into the different type of odors that can be emitted by these units.

  • Electrical Odor
  • Burning Odor
  • Gas Odor
  • Oil Odor
  • Musty Odor

If you smell any of these odors, save for the last one, you should definitely call a technician immediately and try to refrain from using the unit until the issue is fixed. It could be something serious and would require a professional to assist in repairing the unit.

High Electric Bills

There are definite reasons why your electric bills could be high. It is usually the case during winter months as the units work harder to produce the same results. Things like leaving your windows open, old appliances sapping energy, freezers and fridges and so forth. However, when all of these factors have been accounted for, the party to blame is usually the heating pump.

There could be many reasons this is happening from something as simple as the unit is dirty and requires proper cleaning to refrigerant leaks or even a damaged compressor. It would be in your best interest to contact a technician to assist you with this problem if you have no idea of what you are doing. It could end up saving you hundreds of dollars by simply taking a proactive step towards solving the issue.

Strange Noises

During winter time, it isn’t uncommon for your units to emit loud noises. Heat pumps implement reversing valves that reverses the flow of refrigerant. Two common sounds that shouldn’t worry you are the sudden “woosh sound” that comes from the triggering of the reversing valve and a tin like sound that is due to the compressor turning on. These are all within the norms of heating units.

However, when you are hearing the sound of something hitting on metal, this could be of greater concern as the fan blades could be hitting something, whether cables, ice, wire or tubing. In this case, you should reach out to a professional to assist you with resolving this issue before more damage occurs. There are some sounds that can be ignored, however when it comes to the metal hitting something sound, take heed immediately.

Poor Airflow

Poor Airflow could be a problem however before rushing to the phone to call a repairman, you can go through a quick checklist to see if the problem is an easy fix you can do at home. In most cases, the air filter could simply be dirty and requires a good cleaning. However, we have compiled a list of possible problems to consider;

  • Malfunctioning indoor blower motor
  • Frozen indoor coil
  • Low Fan Speed
  • Dirty Coil or Blower Wheel
  • Obstruction
  • Worn Fan Belt
  • Unopened Dampeners

Circuit Breaker tripping

When the circuit breaker keeps on tripping, there are a few options you could check. The reason a circuit breaker trips continuously is to protect the equipment from further damages. To see if there is an issue, turn the circuit breaker on the “off setting” and turn it back on again. If it continues to trip, then it might be time to call a technician. Don’t try to keep on resetting it if it keeps on tripping.

Since you are working with high voltage, it is safer to get the help of a professional that knows what they are doing. There could be loose electrical connections or a direct electrical short. Most people don’t understand the dynamics of electricity and could get injured if trying to fix this issue by themselves. It’s much safer to reach out to professionals that know what they are doing.

Running out of hot water quickly

There are different units used for heating water and if you suddenly can’t take long hot showers anymore, there might be a wide list of issues that could be the root cause of the problem. If you are using an Electric Hot Water Heater, the heating element could be malfunctioning. In the case of Indirect Hot Water systems, you could have a thermostat issue that is set too low. Nonetheless, we recommend that you get the help of a technician wherever possible to not inflict further damage on your units. It is also necessary to provide regular drainage of your boilers to avoid rust and corrosion.

When it’s time to call the Technician

Above we have mentioned some of the most common problems that could arise with your HVAC units. In many cases, homeowners can deal with minor issues, however for the most part, especially since the technology has become much more complicated over the years, technicians are needed.

Most people think that a technician is an added expense and you can go to Youtube to figure out what is happening with your units. However, we have seen many people come to us after they “tried to fix it up themselves” asking for our help. In many cases, homeowners made the problem worse by moving things, replacing valves without understanding or not knowing where to find reputable replacement parts.

Technicians are trained in what they do and more importantly know who supplies the best replacement pieces for a particular device. You might have identified a problem with your HVAC unit, gone out and purchased a replacement part however not knowing how these parts work in practice, you could have purchased a more expensive option whereas a technician could have pointed you to a more economic solution.

Knowledge equates power, and throughout years of working within the HVAC industry, we have seen many homeowners drive up their reparation prices by trying the “Do-it-yourself” approach. Don’t get us wrong, there are many homeowners who have also managed to fix it up themselves without any issues, however this is a small portion of the population that possess the patience and the skillset to make this happen. For the everyday Average Jane and Joe, we recommend that you reach out to professionals to assist you with your issues.

Where Technicians go for their HVAC replacement parts

Whenever you’re looking for products that will stand the test of time, you should definitely consider Snowdon as it is the place where technicians go to do their shopping. There are a few places out there that will sell you quality parts at affordable prices. One of the best Canadian HVAC Distributors is Snowdon who boasts 200 years of collective industry experience.

Snowdon are experts in their product lines and have a guarantee that very few other companies match. In addition, the people working at Snowdon will not only try to sell you products, but help assess the problem in order to make sure that you have the best products to fit your units. In addition, Snowdon isn’t stuck in its ways as the people working there are flexible and always want to find a win-win situation when it comes with their clients.

Some of the clients that have worked with Snowdon claims that they always have what they never think to look for. This is because the people at Snowdon gets involved with their clients and truly identifies their needs and desires. With a sizeable inventory of the most common items and amazing ordering times, you will have the replacement parts you seek in a jiffy.

Even if you have an emergency, Snowdon can help you out. They have a specific service designed for “urgent jobs” that require immediate attention. If you are faced with a problem that requires a quick solution, the people at Snowdon will do everything in their power to get the parts or units you require to fix the problem.

This is why Snowdon is considered the very best as a Canadian HVAC distributor and the very reason why technicians prefer to shop here.

We decided to give you this “Ace” up your sleeve for any future issues that may arise. If you need to give you technician an indication on where to shop, point them out to Snowdon.

The Best Canadian HVAC Distributor for a Reason

Snowdon has been around for more than three generations and have maintained a stellar reputation throughout the years. With a highly trained staff, friendly customer services and experience within the industry, they also act as a resource center for knowledge, tips and of course the very best products commercially available.

Being open since 1959 and having an entire quality control system in place, they boast “Snowdon Approved Products” which have been tried and tested. You know that when you purchase from this Canadian HVAC Distributor, you’ll get quality products every single time.

Whether you are facing common HVAC problems and want to implement the services of a trained professional, Snowdon is your ideal partner to help fix the issue at hand. We hope that this white paper helps you with your HVAC issues and hopefully shed some light on this complicated topic.

If you need any assistance or have trouble identifying an issue with your HVAC system, get in touch with Snowdon today and get the help you are looking for. Their friendly staff is always ready to lend a helping hand. This is the very reason Snowdon is the best Canadian HVAC Distributor out there. Find out for yourself!

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