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HVAC Repairs

Are you one of the millions of people with the attitude “If it’s not broken don’t fix it”? All too often people ignore the subtle signs of HVAC problems that can lead to costly repairs if they’re ignored. You can save yourself a lot of money, sweat, and hassle if you know what signs to look out for.

Here are the most commonly overlooked signs that you need HVAC repairs:

1. (HVAC Repairs) Your system is taking longer than usual to heat or cool your home/business:

  • If just a couple of months ago your HVAC system used to bring your indoor temp to just the right degree of comfortable and now it takes hours, there is obviously something amiss. Check the filter and replace it if necessary, if that doesn’t do the trick call your preferred technician and schedule a maintenance check.

2.  (HVAC Repairs) Clunking, rattling, and other strange noises:

  • Did you notice that your HVAC system is now making noises that you’ve never heard before? Any strange noises that you can trace to your HVAC system can signal the need for a repair. Call your preferred technician and schedule a service call as soon as possible. Some noises may indicate a repair that can end up being very costly if left to linger.

3. (HVAC Repairs) Reduced air flow and uneven indoor temperatures:

  • This is a true blue sign that you need HVAC repairs. An efficient system will have a consistent air flow and even indoor temperatures. These signs are yet another indicator of the need for an immediate HVAC service call.

4. (HVAC Repairs) Strange smells around the outdoor unit or inside the home:

  • If you smell something strange, do not stop, do not pass go, call a technician immediately.

As with any mechanical system you own, you encounter your HVAC system the most. If you feel that anything is out of the ordinary don’t hesitate to contact your preferred technician immediately. Not only will you have the peace of mind knowing what is going on, you’ll also have a more efficient system. If you need any parts, tell your tech you want them from Snowdon, we’re the leading HVAC distributor of Eastern Canada with the largest selection of inventory for your HVAC needs.

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