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HVAC Noises You Must Pay Attention to

When you hear a strange noise coming from your HVAC unit that most likely signals a problem that requires attention. Here are a few noises that your unit will make when it’s time to call a Mississauga HVAC maintenance technician.

Screeching or Squealing

A squealing noise coming from the blower motor may indicate a faulty belt. The good news is, if it’s just the belt it’s a low cost part. The bad news is, if the belt does break, the blower will stop running. If this happens call a Mississauga HVAC maintenance technician immediately.

Loud Thumping, Clanking, Rattling, or Banging

All of these sounds usually indicate an issue with the motor or blower assembly. If you hear a rattling noise, that indicates a component is coming loose and needs to be repaired before the part disconnects or breaks. A loud banging sound when the blower is running is a strong indicator that something has disconnected or broken. Once your system starts banging, shut it off and schedule a maintenance call prior to firing it back up.

Repetitive Clicking Sounds

When you turn your HVAC unit on and off, clicking noises are normal. However if you hear clicking noises coming from the control panel, or outside the compressor, that points to a defective relay. Further investigation by a Mississauga HVAC maintenance technician is needed.

A “Thwapping” Sound

If you hear a “thwapping” sound like a playing card in bicycle spokes, this may mean something is stuck in the blower blades or something is coming into contact with the blower when it turns. While this isn’t a serious issue, anything causing the motor to work over time will wear it out quicker.

When it comes to your HVAC unit, regular maintenance can save you time and money. Time spent without heating or cooling, and money spent on repairs that could have been prevented. If you ever hear anything unusual from your central air system call a Mississauga HVAC maintenance technician and tell them you want your parts from Snowdon. We’ve heard it all and have just what you’re looking for.

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