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Tips to Keep Your AC From Over Heating in Mississauga

Summer time is here in Mississauga and outdoor temperatures are hot and humid! For us that means vacations and pool parties, but for your air conditioner it means working over-time 24 hours a day. Keep your AC from over-heating and breaking down with regular maintenance. Here are some simple tips to keep you cool from our Mississauga HVAC experts:

Replace Your Air Filter

With the beautiful summer scenery comes dust, dirt, and pollen which get trapped in the air filter. If not changed regularly, your air filter cannot pass a sufficient air flow to your unit, essentially suffocating it. This suffocation effect makes your unit work over time and wears out the whole system quickly.

Keep the Perimeter Clean

If your AC unit is outside make sure it has to space to breathe. It is recommended to keep a three foot perimeter free of debris, leaves, shrubs, and weeds around your unit.

Check the Drain Line

Have you ever noticed on a humid day that when your AC is on, it isn’t humid inside the house? That’s because part of the cooling process is for the AC to remove the humidity from the air. The excess humidity is removed from your home by way of a (condensate) drain line. If the drain line becomes clogged, it can cause a lot of damage.

Pay Attention to Performance

Regular maintenance for your Mississauga HVAC unit is just as important as it is for your vehicle, and like your vehicle, sometimes you need a specialist. If you encounter any problems with cooling your home this summer, call your local HVAC technician for service and tell them you want your parts from Snowdon. With over 200 years of combined experience, we are the trusted source for Mississauga HVAC parts.

Don’t Forget Snowdon HVAC is your home where you can get all of you HVAC parts in Mississauga. Ask your HVAC technician if he/she gets their parts from Snowdon HVAC.

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