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Snowdon Uses Fasco

For over 100 years, Fasco has provided the world’s most comprehensive line of custom-engineered blowers and motors here and across the globe. They pride themselves on their wide selection of motors with fractional horsepower, on which a multitude of machines and products run. These motors are able to cater to various applications, which is why Fasco is the preferred brand when it comes to motors.

Fasco is a globally-recognized company because of the reputation it has established in the field of key motor technologies. They are also known for the high quality of standards the company maintains. Their company thrives on continuous improvements and they have embraced the Six Sigma approach in producing standardized outputs. This means that the company is compliant to established standards 99.9997% of the time. Consumers can be assured of quality products and brilliant innovations from a company like Fasco.

They have more than 100 expert engineers and technicians working hand in hand in creating designs and prototypes aimed to adapt to the rapidly changing trends and aimed to meet consumers’ requirements. We can expect Fasco to continue innovating and improving current designs and systems.

The company produces shaded-pole motors and permanent split capacitors. These are components needed in HVAC. Fan blades and blower wheels use these items to move air. These motors are CSA certified and UL recognized, which means they are safe to use.

Snowdon prioritizes on customer satisfaction and consumer safety. This is why we have carefully selected the items we market. Our inventory is composed of HVAC equipment and components, as well as electrical supplies that are effective, efficient, and safe to use. Don’t forget we only use products that are Snowdon approved.

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