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8 things, in reality, you could do the things on our list in just one weekend. If you’re new to Montréal and want to hit up these primary sites, I hope this blog helps you see the things Of Montréal!

#1 Visit Mount-Royal

This is probably one of the coolest places in Montréal. I would recommend starting your journey off by visiting mount royal. It’s entirely free and has impressive views of the city of Montréal. Any time of the day is excellent in the mornings, at night, or even during lunch, whatever works for you.

#2 Eating Poutine

Eating Poutine in Montreal is a have to do! I will be upfront and honest with you either you’re going to love it, or you’re going to hate! Montréal has the best Poutine. If you want to see how poutine tastes get it in Montréal!


#3 Eating A Smoked Meat Sandwich

Eating A Smoked Meat Sandwich in  Montréal is a must do! The reality is there are few things in life better than a smoked meat sandwich from Montréal. Most places serve 6-inch smoked meat sandwich. If I had to recommend anywhere it would be Smoke Meat Pete. Best Smoked meat in Montréal if you were to ask me.

#4 Walk On St-Paul Street

Old Montréal has a variety of things that you can see and do. If you don’t have a lot of time there is nothing wrong with the little walk along St. Paul’s Street. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, and of course art galleries.

#5 Montreal Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden Is one of the biggest parks in Montreal. Make sure don’t miss out on the Bonsai garden.

#6 Bike Ride

There is bixie bike stands all over the city. The bike stands make it easy to travel around and see the things of Montréal. Montréal has a fantastic network of bike lanes running through downtown, and plenty of cyclists use them on a day-to-day basis. One of the more common routes for a casual ride away from all the cars in downtown is called Lachine Canal. This trail in Montréal runs from old Port to a water market, passing some of the cities iconic and industrial architecture.

#7 Hockey Game

Montréals hockey team called the Canadiens. The Montréal Canadiens are a professional hockey team. They’re members of the Atlantic division of the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League. The Montréal Canadians have the second highest and NHL attendance figure with an average attendance of 21,000 people a game. These tickets are hard to come by but will offer you a great experience.

#8 Check Out Snowdon HVAC Montreal

Snowdon HVAC has been around since 1959. We are the best because we choose quality over quantity. We do the job right the first time around. Snowdon HVAC is located in Montréal Canada; We sell electric motors to HVAC technicians. We have a large staff with over 200 years of experience. Feel free to come by and check us out!

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