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Hi, guys. This is Mitch over at Snowdon and I just wanted to show off our Fasco line. We’ve got a complete line of electric motors and power venters from Fasco, ranging from 3 3/8 fan-cooled style motors; These are their version of dome fans. They’ve got a cooling fan internally. But we’ve also got like the small 3 3/8 refrigeration styles. Then, of course, they’ve got the direct replacement power venters from Lennox, from Trane. We’ve got Carrier units, Houseman units, Armstrongs and the list goes on and on. Any of your Fasco electric motor needs, come to Snowdon or [Le Beau 00:00:51] and we can take care of you.
My name’s Mitch and if you have any questions about our videos, our training seminars, or products, feel free to give me a call anytime. My number’s below. Or sign up for our training seminars. Looking forward to hear from you.

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