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Electric Motors

For us to continually produce good quality indoor air, it is important to make sure our HVAC systems are working properly. Proper upkeep, correct installation, and using the right components help prolong the life of your HVAC. That’s why it is critical to choose the best electric motors (Century) available.

Century has started its tradition of excellence in 1940. The company has, since then, established labs that ensure high quality products. They have a Hermetic motor lab for applications testing. This is where they evaluate their products suited for commercial and residential air-conditioning compressors and applications. They also measure the durability of the motor by running plug reversal tests and operating under the most rigorous conditions.

Century also uses computer applications and complex math models during the design phase. They use 24 cutting-edge dynamometers of various sizes (ranging from 2.5 ounce inch to 5000 foot pounds) to evaluate motor efficiency. They also have an electronics lab where electronically controlled motors are designed. It is also in their electronic labs where they develop cost-efficient variable-speed motors. You can be assured that Century will continue to invent and reinvent models aimed to address the consumers’ changing needs.

Century motors are UL and CSA approved. Their motors produce optimum ambient conditions for up to 158°F. They are corona-free and work perfectly with modern inverters. These motors also have automatic overload protector. Some of their motors already have all-purpose and multi-rating capacitors. Their motors are made compatible to major HVAC equipment brands.

Snowdon sells the best electric motors (Century) in Canada. You can also purchase other HVAC components from us. We only distribute high quality products, and Century motors are among them. Visit us today and find out how you can repair, enhance, or maximize the performance of your HVACR systems.

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