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The Best HVAC System

Choosing an HVAC system for your home is daunting whether you’re moving into a new house or not. Ideally, your new system should be energy efficient, quiet, low in service needs, and long lasting with regular maintenance. Just like purchasing a new vehicle, it does help to do some research before handing over your credit card or writing a check.

Prior to picking an HVAC system, you first need to figure out just how large or small the unit needs to be. This is done by calculating the” load” of the home which determines how much heating and cooling your home requires. Having your contractor accurately calculate the load is extremely important to choosing a new system.

Your contractor should be able to calculate the load for you; if they do not offer this service you have the right to request it. If they tell you it doesn’t matter, it does. An improperly sized system will run up a hefty repair bill and will give you ample mechanical and performance problems.

The load of your home is calculated by:

  • Building construction
  • Orientation to the sun
  • Number, size, types (thermal efficiency), and placement of doors
  • Number, size, and placement of rooms
  • Number, size, types (thermal efficiency),  and placement of windows
  • Number and arrangement of floors
  • Climate
  • Size of home

Once you’ve determined the size your new HVAC system needs to be, it’s time to take a look at your options and their energy efficiency ratings. The more efficient a system is the less money it will cost you in energy bills and repairs. Although the best systems may cost a bit more up front, in the long run it will save you time, money, discomfort, and grief.

After your new system is installed, call our experts at Snowdon if you need any parts. We carry the highest quality of products to keep your system longer lasting.

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