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lowering utility bills in summer

Lowering utility bills in summer

Stressed about those climbing utility bills the past couple of months? Worried about how you are going to make it through the summer? here are some different effective measures to limit your ecological footprint! And it’s not complicated. Here are our eight easy-to-follow tips for reducing your electricity consumption and lowering utility bills in summer while simplifying your life.

Shut down or unplug all devices on standby and not in use

A connected phone charger, even if it is not charging a device, continues to consume unnecessary power. Same for the many electrical objects on standby that are scattered around our homes: TV, DVD player, electric oven, computers, speakers. What about the Wi-Fi that continues to emit all night? And the microwave and TV receiver that displays the time even in your absence? A tip: You’re not using them? Unplug them! And simply plug them back in when you need them. This simple trick can save up to 10% when lowering utility bills in summer.

A little extra: By installing power strips with a switch, you can turn off several devices in standby with a single gesture (for example, TV set / TV / DVD receiver, etc.). It’s useful also when the outlets are difficult to access or the cables more difficult to remove.

Optimize the lighting of each room

No need to recreate the splendor of the Palace of Versailles at home. For the record, at that time, we lit it up with candles. In addition to turning off the lights when you leave a room and opting for low-energy light bulbs (the A++ LEDs being the most powerful), choosing the right lighting according to the room and your habits is an essential element. When lowering utility bills in summer, emergency efficient lighting can make a huge difference. Not only will it reduce your electricity consumption but it will also improve your well-being.

A little extra: Reducing light intensity in the evening will have positive effects on sleepiness and sleep quality. You can kill two birds with one stone: reduce your bill and stay zen.

Use the “eco” functions of washing machine and dishwasher

Most newer washing machines and dishwashers have a touch or “eco” program that significantly reduces electricity and water consumption while being as effective as conventional programs. The washing time is generally longer but, good news: you do not have to stay planted in front of your machine!

A little extra: Consumption from one model to another varies considerably. 

Cook economics … and at the top!

A few simple actions and good sense can save energy in the kitchen: cover the pans during cooking, reduce the power as soon as the water boils, use pots and pans slightly larger than the hotplates. You can also start cooking in a pressure cooker more often (faster and more efficient), and use the rotating heat of your oven (if it offers this option). The choice of efficient equipment is also crucial: induction hobs consume 20-25% less electricity when compared to other types of plates.

A little extra: Rather than defrosting a frozen product in the microwave, place it in the refrigerator well in advance. It will defrost more slowly but help keep the fridge cold. A double gain in electricity consumption!

Pamper your fridge and freezer

We owe them that: our refrigerators and freezers enjoy a small defrost from time to time. Frost quickly leads to over-consumption of electricity that is easy to avoid. And do you think to scratch their back regularly? Cleaning the grille on the back of these devices optimizes operation. Take into account when making your kitchen plan: fridge and freezer need to be away from heat sources (oven, hob, radiators) as much as possible.

The little extra: Before placing food in the refrigerator, cover them in bags (biodegradable) or boxes. This will limit condensation and produce much less frost.

Use heat where it is necessary when it is necessary

Heating (electric or not) represents on average 60% of the energy consumption in a house. You will, therefore, save substantial expenses by heating better: lowering the temperature by 1° C reduces its bill up to 7%! To avoid unnecessarily heating parts of your home, and keep the heat where you need it, blackout curtains can be effective.

The little extra: Open your windows once a day for a few minutes (while turning off the heating, of course)! This will ventilate your home and reduce humidity.

Only use hot water when you need it

To avoid burning yourself, and reduce your electricity consumption, set your electric water heater around 55° C ( still hot enough to prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria). The most courageous will go to extinguish it in the summer. Without going that far, simple actions can consume much less hot water: avoid long boiling showers, wash and rinse your dishes in cold water, and cut the water heater in case of prolonged absence… The maintenance of your water heater is also essential: scaled, it will consume much more electricity.

The plus: If you wash the dishes by hand, a double tray allows you to use less water. For lack of double sink, a small basin in your tray will allow you to wash your dishes with warm water without stressing your water heater too much and then rinse with cold water.

Improve the insulation of your home

Renovating windows, doors, attics and walls can have a considerable impact on energy consumption, but this obviously has a cost and can not be done lightly. Even before engaging in major works, it is already possible to limit heat loss by a few simple actions: to put curtains between the passage areas (corridors, entrances, doors), close the shutters and more.

The little extra: You can benefit from a free energy balance and get insight for lowering utility bills in summer from these eco-renovation steps thanks to Snowdon HVAC (Best HVAC Electric Motor Distributor in Canada)

It’s up to you to reduce your energy consumption and your electricity bill… and of course, to consume better by opting for the best HVAC electric motor!

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