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Okay, so back in 1972 my uncle Jerry Boye- and he was a winder at a company called Westinghouse. And, he approached my stepfather with an idea that they should open up their own electric rewind business. So, the two of them decided to partner up. My aunt got involved; my mother was involved; was a real family business. It was just the four of them that were working it. And that’s how we started. We’re like rewinding motors. And then by 76, we are starting to get a good customer base. So, we started becoming a distributor for electric motors, and that’s when we took on like this century electric line. And, we also had a line called Robbins & Myers. At that point we started designing motors for manufacturers. So, we are involved in the engineering process to make sure that the proper motors were going into the units. And then just continue to grow. And you know, about I think 1978 we’re doing business with Snowden Electric. They were like parts distributor and a wholesaler, as well as the GE master distributor for electric motors. And, you know, the goal was one day to be like Snowden Electric.
HVAC Wholesale Canada
And things went well, and back in 93’ we actually bought Snowden Electric. So, that’s when we kind of shifted gears. We went from just being like a distributor to a distributor and a wholesaler, and the next step was Snowden Electric in order to service our clients better, we decided to become more like a full-blown wholesaler with a specialty in electric motors. So, that’s why we carry like the wide range of pulleys, belts, filters, fan blades, so that when you’re changing your electric motor, we pretty much have all the accessories to go with it.

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