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HVAC Maintenance

Just like your vehicle, your HVAC unit needs regular maintenance to run smoothly. If left ignored, your heating and cooling system will spike your electricity bills, won’t operate efficiently, and will end up needing costly repairs.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your system checked out, there are some easy preventative HVAC maintenance tasks you can do yourself. Get a high-efficiency pleated air filter, they last longer and work wonders for keeping dust, dirt, and allergens out of your home.

Check the area around your outdoor unit, debris such as leaves and grass clippings can get stuck on the unit and cause your system to perform poorly. It’s optimal to have a 3 foot radius free of shrubs or trees around your HVAC unit.

Monthly you should inspect the insulation on the refrigerant lines going into your house. If they’re damaged or missing, call Snowden, we have the replacement parts on hand.

Every three months it’s important to change the air filter. A dirty filter makes it harder for your HVAC unit to pass air through, having a suffocating effect.

Annually it’s a good idea to ensure your outdoor unit is on solid level ground. With ever changing weather with the seasons things tend to shift. Your HVAC unit needs to be level in order to function.

Another important annual chore is to clear the AC condensate drain with a mixture of bleach and water. This prevents a build-up of mold and pollens from sticking around.

Although maintaining your unit yourself is important, there are some tasks that should only be performed by a professional. Fortunately, most HVAC maintenance companies offer special rates for an annual maintenance check. They’ll perform more intricate tasks such as clean the wires and mechanisms of your unit, run diagnostic tests, and generally ensure your HVAC unit is running smoothly.

If your Montreal HVAC maintenance technician finds that you’re in need of some parts, tell them you only want parts from Snowden. As the HVAC experts of Montreal we have the parts you need when you need them.

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