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Hvac tips for you home! Your heating and cooling system is one of the keys to staying comfortable in your home… It’s also one of the most energy hungry systems racking up your electricity bill. Although peak times of usage during the winter and summer can be costly, if you’re a well-informed home owner you can easily shave dollars off your bill.

Understand Your System #1

The simplest way to start saving money is to understand your system. Central HVAC systems are often referred to by professionals as “split” systems because parts of the system are inside your home and parts of it are outside. Outside your home you’ll find the blower (or air handler) and ducts that carry the air into your home. Inside you’ll find the furnace and the evaporator portion of the air conditioner.

Change Blower Filter #2

Change the blower filter twice a year, once before winter and once before summer. This will keep the air clean and flowing normally into your home. If you don’t change the filter, the blower has a hard time passing a sufficient air flow and in essence suffocates. This is one of the most common reasons you’ll see a spike in your bill, the harder your motor has to work the more energy it takes to run.

Adjust Your Termostat #3

Adjust your thermostat settings to save you money. When you aren’t at home or when you’re sleeping set your thermostat to rise 18 degrees in the summer and fall 18 degrees in the winter. Changing the setting with the 18 degree rule of thumb can save you an average of 5-15% on your heating and cooling costs. However if you have a heat-pump, only use this tip during the summer. The heat-pump is most effective when left at a steady temperature.

Use A Qualified Technician #4

The most essential way to save money on your HVAC system is to have a qualified technician perform an annual maintenance check. When that time of year comes around, tell your tech if you need any parts, you want them from Snowden. We’re the HVAC experts of Montreal and know exactly what you’re looking for.

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