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Here at Snowdon HVAC in Montreal, we know saving money is always in style. So how can you save some money this summer? Spending less time at home and enjoying the beautiful summer weather can help you keep your thermostat set higher than you would if you were spending your time indoors. We’ve compiled a list of five free activities around the Montreal area to help you enjoy the summer.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Most of the exhibitions are free to the public. With different exhibits touring through, there’s always something new to experience. So even if you’ve been to the museum in the past, you can always go again and enjoy brand new, incredible art that comes with fascinating history behind it.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Like we said, it’s almost summer in Montreal, so that means the International Jazz Festival is on it’s way. The 29th edition of this event will be held from June 28 through July 7 and will host hundreds of outdoor concerts. It’s definitely worth checking out. Enjoy the music, the food, the culture, and even sign up for some activities. Or sign up to work at the festival and spend 10 days enjoying the outdoors and jazz music.

Mount Royal Cemetery

Not a lot of people would think to walk through a cemetery for enjoyment, but the Mount Royal Cemetery is on many “must see” lists for Montreal. Take a self-guided tour around the grounds and engross yourself in some history. When you arrive, grab a brochure which will detail the cemetery’s arboretum of more than 100 species of trees. The cemetery is also home to more than 145 bird species. With 165 acres to cover and plenty of nature and history to look at, you’ll be spending much of the day away from your thermostat.

Parc Lafontaine

In the winter Parc Lafontaine is flooded with people ice skating, but in the summer it draws a different crowd. Take a stroll in the warm weather and enjoy the free dance, music, and film performances that get put on.

Just For Laughs

Canada is becoming more and more known as a comedy haven. The Just For Laughs event in July brings in the biggest names in comedy to Montreal. While a lot of performances will end up costing you money, there are over 1,500 free performances. If there’s one thing you don’t want to miss this summer it’s the Just For Laughs event.

Whatever you decide to do this summer season we hope that you find a few days away from home where you can enjoy the outdoors and give your thermostat a break. We know that your HVAC unit will appreciate it. If you do find yourself in need of HVAC repair this summer, we hope that you’ll think of us first. We’re located at 7457 rte Transcanadienne, Saint Laurent, Quebec H4T 1T3, or you can reach us by phone at 800-349-0593.

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