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At Snowdon we keep things on the shelves, and we keep it simple. We have been an HVAC parts distributor for three generations, so we understand how important it is that you get the best parts for your business. If you are looking for power venters in Toronto, look no further than Snowdon HVAC.

We take pride in providing customers with parts that are Snowdon Approved, which means we trust them enough to have them in our own home. With our inventory of electric motors, draft inducers, belts, pulleys, power venters, fans and bearings – we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Power Venters in Toronto

As far as power venters go, we’ve got various factory direct replacements. We supply all the different brands, and we keep them in stock. Units from Trane, Lennox and York – they’re all direct for replacement and identical to the original part.

One question we get asked a lot is “How do your power venter replacements last longer than the originals?”

The answer is pretty simple.

We put in a double pole single throw relay, so that when your unit goes from heating to cooling, you are not running current through your power venter all summer long. When you run it through the summer, it ends creating condensation and the units end up rusting out. If you cut the current, we find that the power venters last a lot longer.

Power Vented, Draft Induced and Other Categories

With venting in HVAC models, there are a few different venting categories. The wording is often interchanged in everyday conversation, but there are differences between them. If you are trying to determine which specific category you need, it can be found on the equipment’s rating plate.

Power Vented

We have the power venter, which uses positive pressure to pressurize a vent after the exit. This venter makes sure the fuel that is being burned mixes with air, typically from outside. It also handles the appliance heat exchanger. What sets this apart from the others is the sealed vent material.

A few of the different power venters we’ve got include the following:

  • York Predator Power Venters
  • Lennox Power Venters
  • Trane Power Venters
  • Schwank Tube Heater Power Venter
  • Fasco OEM Power Venter
  • Oem Direct Power Venter

Induced Draft

We’ve also got draft inducers, like Fasco’s. With induced drafts, there is normally a fan after the combustion chamber. These inducing fans are used to overcome poor venting. They require the equipment to be interlocked.

Forced Draft

Similar to a power venter are forced draft blowers. The significant difference between the two is that the power venter pressurizes the vent where the forced draft blower does not.

A forced draft includes installing the blower in front of the combustion process, pre-mixing the air with the fuel. For the most efficient burning, the fuel and air have to be matched properly.

Fan Assisted

Lastly, there are fan assisted blowers. These fans are used to cover the internal resistance of the heat exchanger. The air for combustion comes from inside the room, compared to the outdoor air used by a power venter.

The fan pulls the air through the conventional burners to provide primary and secondary air for safe burning. It is inside the appliance so they can pull the air/gas mixture to the vent. Fan assisted vents are typical for a mid efficiency appliance.

What makes us the best, is that we only provide the best. We believe in quality over quantity, and doing things right the first time. Come to Snowdon HVAC, proud distributor of power venters in Toronto, Canada.

Replacement Numbers

Here is a list of our direct drop-in replacement parts. See a number that matches the replacement you are looking for? Give us a call!
































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