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HVAC Fan Blades 

When your HVAC equipment stops running, your comfort is on the line and you need replacement parts fast. With the many manufacturers supplying parts to the market it can be difficult choosing which brand to purchase. If you need replacement fan blades, don’t sweat it, we carry Lau Industries blades because they’re the best.

Having well-balanced blades is the key to the entire performance of your HVAC system. Propeller balance is highly sensitive and can be thrown out of balance by even the slightest amount of pressure. Even resting the motor and propeller assembly on the floor during repairs can cause the blades to become unbalanced.

If your system still has the original fan blades you may want to consider replacing them. The originals are even easier to imbalance because they are made out of a lighter material. Utilizing an imbalanced or damaged propeller can ruin a motor so it is important to change your fan blades if you have the slightest inkling that they are damaged.

Lau Industries is the only fan blades manufacturer that is dedicated to the parts replacement business. Their heavy duty replacement fan blades are engineered to maintain their balance even in the toughest applications.

Replacing your currently outdated blades with Lau replacement blades is a much more cost effective repair than replacing an entire motor. They’re durable, dependable, and excellently engineered with longevity in mind. Lau offers a complete selection of fan blades for both residential and commercial. No matter what type of system you have, Lau produces your fan blade solution.

Keeping your system running efficiently is our main goal at Snowdon, when it’s time to replace your HVAC blades, give us a call and tell us you want them from Lau. These perfectly designed blades will have your motor running longer and stronger than any other brand.

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