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Hello. This is Mitch over at Snowdon. I’d like to talk about the US Motors brand of electric motors that we carry. They’re a complete line. They’ve got unit bearing motors now. Here’s just a couple of the motors I want to show you. You know, 575-volt condensing fan motors with jack plugs, the ECM motors that are programmable through our programming tool, carrier condenser fans. We’ve got the complete line from direct drive blowers, belt drive blowers, conveyor motors. We’ve even got some cooling tower motors on the shelf. Farm duties, general purpose up to 50 horse power, and the list goes on and on. If US Motors makes a motor, we probably have it here on the shelf. For any of your US electric Motor needs, give us a call at Snowdon. I’d be happy to serve you. My name’s Mitch, and if you have any questions about our videos, our training seminars, our products feel free to give me a call anytime. My number is below or sign up for our training seminars. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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