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Armstrong Pumps In Toronto, Canada

When it comes to hot water pumps and in-line circulators, Armstrong has some of the best and most reliable products available. As a distributor for Armstrong pumps in Toronto, we promise to always provide our customers with the best.

Armstrong’s got a complete array of pieces that make up their hot water circulator line. At Snowdon, we’ve carry everything related to the Armstrong hydronic circulators. A few pieces include the seal bearing assemblies, impellers, couplings and motors. For motors, we’ve got some available for both direct Armstrong replacements or any of your replacements.

“Snowdon has a reliable reputation, industry knowledge and commitment to continually improving. That makes them an ideal company to trust in keeping me adequately supplied to ensure I can fulfill my customers needs, both short term and long term. They also have expert knowledge about their products.” – Electro Aide Inc

Let’s talk about the circulator product line, and why Armstrong is Snowdon Approved.

Armstrong In-Line Circulators

Armstrong pumps in Toronto can be in high demand, and our most commonly requested hot water pumps are the S & H in-line circulators. These guys work great for hydronic heating and cooling, domestic water systems, multi-stage zoning and general industrial service. Both the S and H models come in various sizes, so they match up with any application requirements.

Design Features

Armstrong Series S & H in-line circulators are built using a standard three-piece design that features a radially-split body, oversized shaft, centrifugal impeller, positive mechanical seal and modular construction.


The radially-split body can be left in line while servicing the pump, eliminating cumbersome disconnecting of pipes .

Oversized Shaft

Armstrong circulating pumps have oversized shafts made from special alloy steel, machined to exacting tolerances. Shafts have integral thrust collars, heat-treated to provide long life under severe working conditions.

Centrifugal Impeller

The balanced, centrifugal-design impeller ensures maximum water delivery in the HVAC system.

Positive Mechanical Seal

A proven method of preventing water leakage, the well known ARMseal construction is a frequently imitated feature of the Armstrong circulator. Made from long-lasting hard-wearing materials, it ensures many years of noise-free, trouble-free service.

Modular Construction

Models S-25 through S-57 and H-32 through H-54 feature a unique Armstrong shaft and bearing module which fits all of these models for ease of serviceability and reduced inventory costs.

You can see more specifications for our available models by clicking here to check out the Armstrong chart.

Armstrong’s Mission Of Sustainability

Not only does Armstrong provide us with incredible products, but they also have an inspiring vision to improve sustainability and make an impact around the world. They have been working for five years towards becoming a more sustainable business.

They focus on three main aspects in their attempt to improve the environment – social, economical and environmental.

With the technology Armstrong uses, they are confident in the value that they provide to customers – that makes us confident in them. They fight hard to minimize the environmental impact that comes through the materials required for products, and production processes.

Not only are the members of Armstrong constantly working to reduce fuel and water use, landfill waste and energy consumption, but of the waste that is inevitable, they are working to make more of that waste recyclable.

Why We Choose Armstrong

Because we strive to provide our clients with the best possible products on the market, working with such positive and quality-oriented companies like Armstrong is something we take pride in.

Armstrong provides durable products that have been used for decades by HVAC professionals. Whether you are looking for exact replacement solutions, or need help finding  the right “Snowdon LEBO Build-up” you can count on us. We strongly believe in doing it right the first time, and that makes us the best.

For Armstrong pumps in Toronto or surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered.

If you have any questions about our products, or are interested in any of our training seminars, feel free to give us a call anytime.

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Their motor experience in the HVAC  industry is exceptional and Snowdon is a go to supplier for advise and options. Rarely do they not have a solution that meets our requirements. Location, inventory and personal service is great asset to allow us to meet our customers’ expectations.
Paul Mcfadden

Service Manager, Naylor Group Inc

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