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History of Snowdon HVAC

Since this is our first blog, I felt it appropriate to start with a brief history of our company. Way back in 1972 Gerry Boyer had this idea to start a motor shop, he approached Ted LeBlanc, his brother in law, about starting a company together. 44 years later we are the leaders in Eastern Canada.

Every entrepreneur knows that you have to do everything possible to make your business work. My uncle and step-father epitomize this. They would take jobs that would often keep them working 48 hours straight because they needed to make ends meet. They would sleep for a few hours on a work bench, desk, or chair then get back at it.

Gerry would do deliveries to clients and in order to make the company seem larger than it was, he would tell the clients that they would have to call the office and talk to his boss Gerry.

Ted would be doing the paperwork in-between phone calls and whatever needed to be done.

But like all successful companies, you cannot survive alone on the owners determination. You need loyal, dedicated, hard working employees that share your same goal.  And that is why I would like to share our employee of the year for 5 years in a row. She never missed a days work. She would be happy to come to work and she would put a smile on everyone’s face even though she had the difficult task of being in the accounts receivable. Since we were a new business the bank would not offer us any credit so we had to have the customers pay c.o.d. (cash on delivery).  After a few years, clients starting asking for credit and that is when the guys had to set up a very scientific way of doing a credit check.

Butch the family’s German Shepherd would come to the counter to meet the clients, if she wagged her tail they got credit and if she didn’t seem to like the client…no credit.

This method worked so well we didn’t have a bad debt for 5 years. She was also in charge of letting people know when the mail man showed up, because you want to deposit those cheques right away.

Butch was versatile; she would also go on deliveries. Linda and Butch would do the deliveries to the clients when we were late because who is going to yell at a lady with a German Shepherd ?

Butch was our employee of the year 5 years in a row even though Linda would joke that she is just the bitch I work with, literally.

We are looking for pictures of Butch which I will send early next week. By the way when we named her we didn’t know she was a girl!!!


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