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Things to Check before You Turn on Your Furnace

The fall and winter seasons are almost upon us and it’s just about time to turn on your furnace, but don’t fire it up just yet. There are a few things you need to check to ensure your system works properly that will also save you money on costly repairs and high energy bills.

Here are 5 things you need to check:

Clean The Area

Your furnace requires proper clearance to do its job effectively. There should never be any items around the base of your furnace that obstruct its proper airflow. Remove anything lying around the base such as mops, rags, or miscellaneous junk.

Check the exhaust and vent

Your furnace will either vent through a side wall of your home or through a chimney. Check to see if there are any obstructions blocking the airflow out of your home. Also disconnect the duct at the furnace and check for any debris.

Flush Out The Drain Line

At the peak of the heating season, a high efficiency furnace can drain up to 7.5 liters of water a day which makes it easy for residue to build up in the drain hose. Simply remove the hose and fill it with 1 parts bleach to 3 parts water. After a few minutes flush the hose and repeat if necessary.

Replace The Air Filter

If your furnace has a replaceable air filter simply replace it with a new one. If your furnace has a re-usable air filter, take it out and clean it with soap and water giving it plenty of time to dry.

Test Your Safety Detectors

Replace the batteries and test all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You’re likely running the heat when you aren’t at home and when you’re sleeping, this may be the simplest task but it can save you family’s lives!

During the heating season if any troubles arise be sure to schedule a service call with your preferred local technician. If you need any parts, tell them you want them from Snowdon. As the most trusted parts distributor in Eastern Canada, we’re sure to have exactly what you need, when you need it.

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