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Sign Your Air Conditioner is Low on Freon in Mississauga

Your air conditioner needs Freon (a brand name of refrigerant) to operate. When you’re system is low on Freon or is improperly charged, it can’t perform at its best and you’ll begin to notice a few changes in the day to day operation.

Here are 5 signs that you’re AC needs more refrigerant:

1. Huge electricity bills

  • Are you starting to notice a steady increase in your electricity bill yet you aren’t increasing your usage of electric devices and/or outlets? This may be due to your air conditioner working over-time to keep your house cool.

2. It takes a long time for your home to get cool

  • The Freon (refrigerant) in your air conditioning system is what absorbs the heat from your air. If there isn’t enough Freon, it’s harder to produce cool air. This is a likely sign you’re in need of additional Freon.

3. Vents only blow lukewarm air

  • You’ll notice the air coming from your vents is only lukewarm if you’re extremely low on Freon.

4. Frost on your refrigerant line

  • If you check your outdoor AC unit and see ice covering the copper refrigerant line, you are likely low on Freon. Over time this could lead to more costly repairs or even replacement of the entire unit. This is an important sign to look out for.

5. There is a bubbling or hissing sound

  • Your air conditioner would only be low on Freon for one reason, a leak. If you hear a bubbling or hissing noise, this indicates a bad one.

All of these signs indicate your AC is low on Freon. If you notice any of these signs (especially if you notice all 5) call your preferred HVAC technician immediately. They’ll get you cooled off and back in action in no time! Contact your nearest HVAC technician in Mississauga

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