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Seal Master Canada

The SealMaster line that we carry has a complete variety of products. We’ve got the two-bolt, flange style bearings, we’ve got the four-bolt flange style bearings and then we’ve got a wide assortment of different pillow blocks. We’ve got the standard excentric or concentric type and then we’ve also got these which are the squeeze locks.

These are great because once you install these on the shaft, you end up not having to make any marks on the shaft and they’re always easier to take off. So if you come back to take your pillow block off after a couple of years, normally with your standard pillow blocks, you end up having to take like a sawzall or a grinder to chop this thing off, whereas with your squeeze lock, all you have to do is un-torque it and put it back in. It comes off the shaft nice and easy. So these are definitely the type of pillow blocks that we recommend if you’ve been working with a client for long term and you want to have easy access or make it a lot easier on yourself when you’re going back to do your pillow block replacements.

Of course, we carry up to 2 and 7/16 in stock. So for all your “Seal Master Distributor Canada”SealMaster pillow block or bearing needs, come down to Snowdon.