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We carry a wide assortment of Browning products. We’ve got the standard you know, three-piece pillow blocks, the rubber bearings inserted to go in any of the blowers that are direct drive or belt drive, and we’ve got the standard cast-iron style pillow blocks in all sizes, from 5/8 of an inch up into 2 and 3/16. Then we get into our pulleys, which we’ve got the B type fixed pulleys we’ve got the adjustable pulleys from 2 1/2 inch right through to the 7 inch adjustable, double groove and single groove.

Part of the reason why I like the Browning pulley, it’s the best: one, they’re easy to adjust; two, they’ve got these little pieces fixed into their cast, which helps keep these pulleys ventilated. So, when this is turning at 1725 RPM it helps to keep your belt cool as well. So, it keeps the belt cool- longer-lasting belt, longer-lasting pulley. So, any of you pulley or Browning needs, come to Snowdon. We can take care of you.