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HVAC Distributor in Montreal

Snowdon HVAC is the leading distributor for HVAC parts in Montreal. From blowers and ventilation to hot water pumps, we’ve got you covered. We keep things in stock and work closely with our Snowdon Approved brands.

Stop by our Montreal location, Snowdon Electric, to see parts, learn about our inventory or set up an account.

Snowdon HVAC

Blowers and Ventilation

Blowers are essential for circulating the heated air through your home’s ductwork. Along with that, they circulate the chilled air throughout the home during the cooling process.

With single-speed and variable-speed options available at our distribution center, we’re sure to have a part that matches what you’re looking for. Lau, Torin, and Dayton are among our Snowdon Approved brands.

Automatic Condensate Units

Little Giant is one of the brands we often suggest for automatic condensate units. They have 2 series that are highlighted on our website – VCMA and VCMX series.

The VCMA series has guaranteed serviceability and incredible reliability. The VCMX series is a slightly slimmer size and has an oil-resistant tank.

Hot Water, Utility and Specialty Pumps

We are an HVAC distributor for Armstrong, who is an industry leader when it comes to in-line circulators and hot water pumps. They provide durable and trusted products that are Snowdon Approved.

When it comes to utility and specialty pumps, the Pony Pump and Water Wizard Submersible Pumps from Little Giant are at the top of the list for quality parts.


We are the top Gates Belts distributor in Montreal. These belts are suitable for all industrial light-duty applications, typically with fractional horsepower motors.

We carry a wide range of belts in our distribution centers. If you have Gates needs, or any belting needs for that matter, give us a call or stop by one of our locations.

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“If you need any electric motors, belts, pulleys, blowers, wheels, blades, filters or anything else HVAC motor-related, they have you covered. Very friendly knowledgeable staff and quick service.”
– Steve Formoso
Frank and Juan always have what I need or can get it in good time. Excellent knowledge of motors used in the HVAC industry. Good guys as well.”
– R. Jones

HVAC Parts Distributor: Why Choose Snowdon HVAC?

With four locations across Ontario and Quebec, we are Canada’s leader in HVAC distribution. We’d love for you to stop in and visit us in Saint-Laurent, Mississauga, Montreal or Ottawa and see how our system works.

Snowdon HVAC is an HVAC parts wholesaler that works closely with several large brands – Armstrong, Little Giant, Fasco, Gates, Lennox and more. Regardless of whether you are looking for a specific part for your HVAC system, or are interested in a custom build, we can get you what you need.

We stand behind the products we offer 100%. Because of that, we only offer brands that are Snowdon Approved, and that is what makes us the best.