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Part of Snowdon’s unique offering is our extensive cross reference guide . With more than 200+ years of HVAC motor experience we have cross referenced over 250 000 different electric motors. Snowdon is the top Mississauga HVAC distributor.

Even with this cross reference tool sometimes our electric motor specialists need your help in selecting the right electric motor for the job. Below is a check list to cross referencing electric motors.

1.What is the OEM make and model number

2.What is the electric motor manufacturer’s part or model #


4. RPM

5.Voltage and phase

6.Frame size




10.How is it mounted. This is the key, we can match all the specifications and we need to know how it is mounted. Otherwise you might not be able to install the replacement electric motor.

Additional information that will help identify your electric motor

11 Speeds



14.Shaft diameter

15 Bearings


17. Insulation class

18.Motor type

19.What is installed on the shaft

This may seem like a lot of specifications to replace an electric motor but we believe in doing the job properly the first time.

We will be going over each and every one of these electric motor specifications in detail to help you understand how we cross reference an electric motor.

Please subscribe to our Snowdon Approved University, where we will be posting videos, blogs and other useful information about electric motors and all of the Snowdon Approved products.

The next Snowdon Approved University will be on Horsepower and amperage and why it is important to have both.

We are the electric motor specialists since 1959 and we like to share the information so you the technician can focus on installing the replacement electric motor.

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